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We are guests in this magical place; be mindful of our impacts.

Some things to remember:

Preparation: Arrive mentally and physically prepared for extremely challenging terrain.  Do trips that are within your capabilities.  If you plan to travel with us, we will be in touch with you regarding the specific challenges presented by each route that we offer and to get an idea of your backcountry experience and fitness level.

Travel/Camping: Stay on trails and set up your tent on durable, non-vegetated surfaces and preferably away from trails and water sources when possible.

Pack it Out: Pack out all trash, including used TP and food waste unless agency allowed food waste disposal available such as a pit toilet.

Human Waste: Do not bury human waste in sand dunes, bury in soil at least 200 ft from camps and water sources.  Pack out all used TP or wipes.  Consider packing out human waste.  If camped along the Colorado River urinate in the river.

Wildlife/Natural Resources: Enjoy wildlife viewing from safe distances.  Take only pictures of rocks, fossils, archeological finds.  

Other Guests: Consider other guests who are enjoying this wonderful place.  Be aware of the noise level of your group especially in narrow canyons where sound travels.  We recommend experiencing the canyon without your playlist but if you have to have your tunes wear ear buds.  Use the red light function on your headlamp and avoid shining your light on other tents/camps and in other folks faces.