JUNE 20-22, 2022

2 nights/ 3 days

Distance: 25 Miles

Difficulty: 5/5

Day One: 

We'll pick you up nice and early in Flagstaff and start our four hour drive to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  As we descend from 8,000 ft into the canyon on the North Kaibab Trail, we will pass geological wonders hiking through the many layers of the Grand Canyon, as well as experience every ecosystem found from Canada to Mexico.  The trail is strenuous, steep and occasionally exposed, but the views are worth every step.  After 7 miles, we will reach our camp for the night, Cottonwood Campground.  As it's name suggests, this campground is teeming with cottonwood trees, providing well-deserved shade.  We will spend the rest of the evening relaxing and taking in our amazing surroundings.

Day Two:

We will wake early, as to beat the heat, pack up camp and begin our hike further into the Canyon.  We'll take a small detour to Ribbon Falls-- a true oasis in the desert.  Soon after, we will enter the inner gorge, where the trail is boxed in by 1.7 billion year old Vishnu Schist.  This area is a dream for geology enthusiasts.  After another 7 mile day, we will reach Bright Angel Campground at the base of the Grand Canyon.  This area is where the Bright Angel Creek merges with the Colorado River, and is home to deer, ringtail cats, and grey foxes.  We'll hide out in the shade and in the water until the sun dips behind the surrounding canyon walls.

Day Three:

With a quick breakfast, and an early start, we will begin our hike out of the canyon.  We'll start by crossing the Colorado River on a suspension bridge, then hike on the Bright Angel Trail along the river.  Eventually, the trail will take us up on a series of switchbacks, along a creek.  The trail will take us up and up, until we reach Indian Gardens.  We can take a break in the shade, fill up our water, and we'll be on the trail again.  The views along the Bright Angel Trail are spectacular and endless.  From Bright Angel Campground, the journey to the rim is about 9 miles.  Once on the rim, you will be able to look across to the other side, and realize what an amazing feat you just accomplished.

This is the trip of a lifetime-- join us this summer!